Black Friday Deal: Get TYS for $40 plus shipping! Deal ends 11/29/15!

We’ve put the game up on our Storenvy site for a special price. From now through Sunday, November 29th, we are offering Twenty Yard Shamble for $40 plus shipping. (For local to Columbus, Ohio orders, please contact us at and let us know!)

3d rendering of the final box art

We’ve upgraded all of the art from the original prototype with the awesome illustrations from Michael Luongo. Check out the Zombie Runners!

Backer Edition Zombies

Backer Edition Zombies5

We will be using The Game Crafter to produce the game; we’ve been very happy with the quality of the prototypes that we have received.

After Sunday, the price will be going up to $48, so order it now and get it for Christmas!

– Ed Wedig

SDGS Black Friday Sale!

So… Black Friday…. what a chore right? It always so hectic! Perhaps your friends at Sea Dog Game Studios can help you with some gift ideas that don’t involve a trip to the local big box store! We are offering the Snake class sloop of war (our newest release) for this week only through cyber Monday for $110 plus shipping… (regular $120).

In addition to this, consider the Sailpower 2.0 full color rules book, regularly $40, again through cyber Monday, for $30.

Last but not least… if you’re filling out your fleets, I am offering free shipping for US orders over $200 (inquire on foreign orders and we will try to make this work as well based on locale).

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Admiral Brian