533449_10151545353404644_1708280746_n580342_10151545353669644_1172287298_nDoes your game or adventure need a glorious wreck? We’ve just added a number of shipwrecks to our online store! Our line of shipwrecks will provide the setting you’ve desired for your adventure! These wrecks are created from hand-sculpted master using an open mold, thus the bottom may have small air bubbles inherent to the casting process.  The wrecks are cast resin and come unpainted. Minor differences in features or dye color may occur.  These wrecks are sculpted to approx. 15MM / 1/100th scale.  Some of these designs may be “scale agnostic” and useable with 25/28mm minis as well.  If this is what you are seeking it is suggested to avoid wrecks with obvious doors or deck cannons as these are sculpted in 15mm scale and will seem a bit small for 28.  Suggested painting is a matte black spray followed by dry brushed acrylics to bring out all the glorious details!

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Gencon 2016 Sailpower scenario

13975474_10154443707354644_1511225896195955609_oJamaica, April 26, 1715 MOST SECRET

From Lord Archibald Hamilton, Governor of Jamaica to Their Worships, The Lords of Admiralty

My Lords,

“By late advices from Havana I am told the Galleons from Vera Cruz were daily expected there in order to join the Spanish Ships of War, one of which was the Hampton Court, who are said to have great treasure on board for Old Spain.”

We hope that everyone that got to experience our latest installment in the Sailpower storyline series held at Gencon 2016. For those who wanted to know the back-story that our GMs were using, or were not able to attend the sold-out series of event, here is the scenario packet that our GMs were using!

We have released two new ship kits for Sailpower 2.0: the 12 Gun Quarter Deck Great Sloop, and the 18 Gun Sloop of War-Snake Class. The sloop is of Dutch origin and is characterized as a single-masted vessel with a large gaff rigged main sail, oftentimes complimented with a large topsail. The ubiquitous  sloop could be spotted anywhere, and came in all sizes. Sloops quickly became preferred by pirates and privateers for the ability to sail upwind and its relatively shallow draft.

12 Gun Quarter Deck Great Sloop

12 Gun Quarter Deck Great Sloop

18 Gun Sloop of War-Snake Class

18 Gun Sloop of War-Snake Class

The Quarter Deck Great Sloop is based on Continental Navy sloop Providence (formerly merchant Katy) commanded by the legendary John Paul Jones, and the Sloop of War is patterned after HMS Snake of the Royal Navy. Similar vessels were built by every navy of the era.


Both Kits Feature:
● 1-piece hull for ease of assembly
● Cast in two colors (brown hull/black accessories)
● Ready to assemble masting with pre-cut dowels

Both kits are now available in our Online Store!