TechCommander is a fast paced, brutally lethal Sci Fi action miniatures game designed for 2-10 player! You can leave your pencils behind as the game uses fast build system that has you in the action instead of penciling in stats. Featuring CAD designed, 3D-printed, customizable mecha that are pegged together for easy battlefield swapping. It also features a wide variety of awesome sci fi vehicles and tanks for various battlefield roles. But the action does not stop there, it also has infantry that are power suit enhanced with stealth systems, jump jets and cloud computing HUD displays. These guys can take down a big mecha unit with a rallied computer-synced attack. This game has strong influences from Japanese mecha, modern warfare, and the sci fi action genre as well as real world next era technology.

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TechCommander was originally all hand sculpted in 28mm with fairly large miniatures, standing anywhere from four inches to a foot high. They used a peg-together system so that swapping out weapons and gear for a battle that requires a custom load out is easy!

Jazz AC4 Handsculpt

The AC4 Jazz. The Tesla cannons on this were sculpted from an egg beater motor and a crow’s nest piece from a galleon.

Beast AC4 Hand sculpt

The Beast was an artillery MSV, showcasing the hand sculpted swap able weapons and a player created build

AC4 elephant handsculpt

The AC4 Elephant tank was designed after fond memories of massive tanks in RTS and old sci-fi war games. It featured a motion sensing rocket pack

AC6 Paladin

The big daddy of them all was the AC6 Paladin, based on the inspiration of a old soviet hind gunship with massive missile pods on the sides that were patterned after a gunslinger’s revolver.


These hand sculpts were hard to make and even harder to produce, more garage resin kits then something we could sell widely.   What we knew was the game was super fun, but we wanted to make these models even more cool, and easier to produce, and available in multiple scales.  so in 2015 we began a extensive project to convert all designs over to CAD as well as add new designs and overhaul the rules to make is even more action packed.

As we mentioned, when we converted the game over to CAD 3D printed designs we gained the ability to release the game in multiple scales.  To start things off, we are offering the original gloriously large 28MM models retooled with greater precision and detail in CAD and 3D printed, but we can also now offer the game in a more compact and less expensive 10MM scale.  The game plays the same in the smaller scale, except in 10mm scale the default measure is in centimeters instead of inches (used in the original 28mm scale)

The Warrior got completely re-sculpted – and since we had too many AC3 designs she got beefed up to an AC4!

Troll AC3

Gladiator AC4 and Paladin AC6

A new sculpt Fixer AC2 repair tank

Shadowclaw AC5, another new CAD design

Makofury AC3 was one of several new designs that came out of the CAD project

Legs for an AC4 Jazz printing


AC4 Jazz standing in the printer that printed her!

The Beast AC4 Artillery MSZ (compare to the Tan hand-sculpted one pictured earlier)

Nightwatch AC4 MSV guards the printer as it prints more brethren below!

Printed and painted Warlord AC4 MSV at a show

10MM scale prints at a show… These are standard resolution, we will also be offering ultra high resolution SLA prints as well.

Strikefire Mk III AC6 at Gencon 2016


Gencon 2016 – 80 percent of the models used are now 3D printed! At Origins 2017 all models are 3D printed except the pewter infantry figures








showcase images

Our first handsculpted MSV concept model, the Beagle (sculpted 2008)

Come try TechCommander at select conventions or download or rules for free!

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