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Sailpower 2.0Are you the master of all commanders? Are you the scurviest of sea dogs? Have you ever secretly felt you’d have made a great pirate or could have defeated the great sea captains in a ship to ship duel?

Sailpower is a miniatures game that allows the players to take on the role of a captain in the Age of Sail. Command small ships, large ships or even a whole squadron. It’s your call! Battle other ships, or embark on a mission seeking plunder and riches while giving your enemies the slip. Sailpower is a complete system designed to support fast paced sea action, exploration and adventure. You can play Sailpower on a small table with a couple of ships, a big table with many ships, or even a floor battle with your “sea” covering the whole room!

Expanding the Great Adventure!

After 2 years of revisions and development, this second edition Sailpower rule book contains:

  • – A fully revamped layout including revised and improved rules.
  • – New gun types including light cannons, medium long guns and more types of shore batteries.
  • – Expanded rules for small boats, forts and shore batteries including more effective hot shot!
  • – Over 150 ship templates, including many historical ships from the Napoleonic, Revolutionary War, Golden Age of Pirates, War of 1812 eras (including ships from the Battle of Lake Erie).
  • – Several versions of certain historical ships are provided to represent different points in the life of the vessel, such as when they first launched, when they were refitted, when they were up-gunned or captured.
  • – All new expansive faction rules for many sea powers including the East India companies, the Dutch Navy, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and much more!
  • – New rake rules, often player requested, add to the crossing the T maneuvering advantage.
  • – New expansive port and tavern rule system, allowing players to recruit, buy and sell cargo, sneak into an enemy port, and even get into a bar fight!
  • – A full exploration and treasure system allowing players to use shore parties to search various locales on the play-surface and find and or fight for all sorts of hidden goodies such as ship upgrades, exotic cargoes, additional crew, repair materials, stranded travelers, and epic treasures!

What Period does Sailpower cover?

Sailpower covers the Age of Sail, pre steam, and post cog era -or approximately the late Elizabethan thru Napoleonic era. The cannons are abstracted in a general way so that ships from differing era can be played together, or you can choose what era you want to focus on. Sailpower is perfect for Golden age pirate scenarios, War of 1812, Napoleonics, American Revolution, or even Barbary Coast pirate actions. You can even incorporate Sail power into a semi fantasy setting although there are no fantasy rules in the core rulebook.

What scale is Sailpower?

Sailpower is playable in many scales, two of which are playable without conversion: 15-20mm (1/100th – 1/8th inch =1 foot/play in inches), and 5-6mm (approximately 1/300th – 1mm =1 foot/play in centimeters). Conversions are available to other scales. The easiest conversion is to 28mm, just use 2X (eg 2″ in real world = 1″ in game”).

Sailpower models are available in 15MM/ 6mm / 28MM at this time.



I don’t have much space. Can I still reasonably play Sailpower?

Yes, we tested the game heavily with small sloops and schooners on 3X3 and 4X4 coffee tables. If you want to use very large ships you obviously will need more space, but a battle of sloops on a coffee table is just as exciting as a pair of frigates, perhaps even more so!

Why 15mm?

15mm is a very cool scale; it’s large enough to allow a lot of personalization of your miniatures. It’s also large enough to feel like a real command, yet not as large as the 28mm scale where ships can be upwards of 4 feet if properly scaled. We believe the 15mm scale is a perfect balance between small enough to sail around, and large enough to immerse you into your command role.


Why 6mm?

6mm is a scale that allows players that want a larger-scope game, similar to what Sea Dog Game Studios runs at conventions, but only have limited space. 6mm is a common historical gaming scale, and is still large enough to produce models that are visually striking and fun to play on the table. While the game can be played in smaller scale, we find 6mm to be all that is needed to balance space concerns with visually engaging gameplay.



Do you make these ships?

Yes we do. We model (original hand sculpted now digital) and cast or 3D print a majority of the ships you see, and in fact offer them as kits for players to make their own. .  Many models are modified or customized by our players.

Where do you get crew figures from?

We don’t currently sculpt crew figures, as there are many good sources out there. We often use figures from Thoroughbred figures, Minifigs, Old Glory, and Peter Pig.  If you’d like to see a figure line from us feel free to reach out and tell us what we could offer that would make us unique from existing figure lines.

Why don’t all your ships have crew, do you need crew figures to play?

Crew figures are not required to play. The actual crew is managed from the ships sheet. That said, it adds to the look to add crew figures. If you add about a dozen crew, the ship looks busy. Because the real crew numbers and locations are on your ship sheet, you can place your crew in action diorama poses, and glue them down, as they do not directly influence combat. We hope to eventually put some crew on all the ships, but have not had the time to get to them all (In Ohio men of the Red Chest’s road set they have well over 40 ships to crew!)

Why don’t you put rigging and sails on the ships?

A few reasons: 1. Time: we have too many ships to make realistic sails for all of them. 2. Battle damage: we like to make the mast removable so the ship can have them shot off! 3. Storage space: Fully rigged ships would be hard to store 4. Silliness factor: Ships in combat usually carried less then full sail, but the sails often changed drastically as the ship sailed. Any set of sails we put on would be wrong most of the time. We have put sail sets on a few of the ships to show players what they look like. You can of course put sails on your ships when you play Sailpower!

Do you have stats for (INSERT YOUR FAVORITE SHIP) ?

The core rulebook comes with a section on how to convert your favorite historical ship stats for use in Sailpower. It’s very easy and uses commonly available historical stats. We also have collected stats on literally hundreds of ships which can be found in our Sailpower 2.0 rules as well as online!

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