Sailpower: Cogs of Valor

Sailpower: Cogs of Valor is not the regular Sailpower game, but a smaller offshoot that covers medieval cogs.  The rules will be distributed for free via this site as well as with with my new line of cogs.  To start SDGS will offer  both a 1/100th and 1/250th line of cogs for this  game, with each line having a large and small cog design.  The 1/100th line is for a gamer who wants to build nice cog replicas and has the space to play them, whereas the 1/250th scale is perfect for gamers who are space challenged, or want to run big fleet actions!

This is a fast paced game that is more simple then the regular Sailpower game, yet with it’s own uniqueness. The  game play leans a bit towards the lighthearted.


 The full rules can be downloaded right here for free!

Cogs of Valor 1-3-2012 edition

Revision history:

5-27-10 the first released copy

9-17-10  Fixed hero text, cleaned up formatting, added more detailed scoring, made islands search-able until something is found. Amped up treasure a bit.

1-3-11 Added friendly fire rules, tweaked layout to be more flip-thru friendly (putting all of a section on same page where possible), added page numbers.

NEW . . .   here are some really cheesy game aids i used at Advance the colors 2010 (pics on Facebook in the cog gallery) including a crib sheet and a visual guide to sail speed.

cog crib << the crib sheet . . .

Cog Speed << the speed chart as a visual aid for new players

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