Sea Dog Digital Studios Overview

As we are growing our digital capability we are now able to offer services using our 3D maker lab and CAD technology.


These include:

  • Customization of existing digital miniatures from Sea Dog Game Studios
  • Print on demand 3D printing
  • Custom CAD design in Rhino3D (have your own custom miniature made)
  • Mobile Maker Lab service for conventions and conferences
  • STEM / STEAM programing including introductory seminars on 3D printing, and CAD sculpting

For those looking to have something printed we’d need either the STL or OBJ files OR the Thingiverse item number if it’s available there and we can give you a quote as to what we can do.

For those looking for Custom sculpting please remember the following items:

  • Sculpting is not cheap and is general commissioned by the hour
  • In general the cheapest form of sculpting is one where we maintain all rights to the model in question, and you receive either a finished item printed or a .STL file you can use. This is cheaper because if the item is something others might like we can always make use of the model to provide services for other customers.
  • Up from that would be contracted free lance (generally commercial) sculpting. If you need the rights in order to distribute or sell the model or related products let us know and we will quote the sculpting work accordingly.
  • In general, the two things that cost money in sculpting (because they take time) are DETAIL and COMPLEX GEOMETRY..   EG a set of custom D6 dice is simple geometry and simple detail so would be fairly affordable. A warship is both complex and detailed thus would cost a lot more.
  • We will not sculpt items which are copyrighted or trademarked.
  • Make sure you look in to whether an existing model exist of your subject matter. It’s general cheaper then sculpting a model from scratch.
  • Last but not least if there is an existing model we make that would be a good starting point for what you want let us know as it may save on sculpt time if we can modify or start from an existing model.



If you are interested in these services feel free to reach out to us!


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