Twenty Yard Shamble launched on KickStarter!

We just launched Twenty Yard Shamble on KickStarter! Check it out!

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Twenty Yard Shamble is a game of championship zombie racing and high-stakes betting.

How fast can your zombie….shamble?

In an attempt to solve some of the world’s worst diseases, some questionable lab practices created a global zombie pandemic. Luckily for humanity, the crisis was quickly put down – but the lab-created zombies still existed.

Then, someone with a bit of redneck ingenuity, and way too much time, picked a few up “zombie assets” at the company’s liquidation auction. With a bit of work, they managed to build a control collar contraption, with which a skilled operator could, sort-of, get the zombies to walk in a straight line. Conveniently, the undead had no legal rights, which made them the perfect racing attraction. Welcome to the wacky world of high stakes zombie racing. Welcome to Twenty Yard Shamble.

Twenty Yard Shamble is a family friendly board game of zombie racing and high stakes betting, designed by our own Captain Ed. Players are owners of zombie racing teams, and will race their zombies against the other player’s zombies. The zombies start in the center of the map, and move toward any one of the 6 exits around the outside edge of the board. But, zombies tend to do what they want to do, and players only have limited control over their zombies movement.

The zombie team owners, the players, will be able to bet on not only their own zombie racer, but on any other zombie racer that is still in the race. Players can place several types of bets, including Regular Bets, Early Bets, and Risky Bets, to earn points. At the end of 3 races, the player with the most points is the winner.

Please check out the KickStarter page a consider backing our project!



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