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Gencon is just 30 days away!

Gencon 2012Can it be? Gencon is just 30 days away!

We have a great slate of games planned for the con, some of which have already sold out! So, if you are planning on playing Sailpower or TechCommander at Gencon this year, you had better get signed up quickly!

SailpowerSailpower Games at Gencon
(tickets remaining as of 7/16/2012)


1pm-4pm:  9 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 20 tickets remaining


9am-12noon: SOLD OUT

1pm-4pm:  4 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 23 tickets remaining


9am-12noon: SOLD OUT

1pm-4pm:  6 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 15 tickets remaining


9am-12noon: SOLD OUT


TechCommanderTechCommander Games at Gencon
(tickets remaining as of 7/16/2012)


2pm-5pm:  8 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 11 tickets remaining


10am-1pm: 8 tickets remaining

2pm-5pm:  7 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 10 tickets remaining


10am-1pm: 9 tickets remaining

2pm-5pm:  9 tickets remaining

7pm-11pm: 11 tickets remaining


10am-1pm: 9 tickets remaining




TechCommander in Fort Wayne!

Paul Neher posted via Facebook

“David Hannigan and I will be doing a demo game of the newly released TECHCOMMANDER game by Brian Carnes. Join us for a MECHA DEATHMATCH in a fast-paced rock ’em sock ’em environment.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 6:00pm
Books Comics and Things (Georgetown), Fort Wayne, IN

Origins 2010 Sailpower Invitational Challenge!

Last year at Origins we ran an ongoing points total towards a grand prize for all events and by Saturday night the competition was rather fierce. While this was a joy to see from one perspective, it also may be a bit much for the casual player who is new to the game and has never seen the game at a high level.

SO this year we are going to be doing things a little differently. We are scheduling a regular game Saturday night, but we are ALSO scheduling an invitational game during the same slot.

Sailpower Invitational  (Saturday, 7 PM to MIDNIGHT)

This is the competitive match for the show! You must be invited to play in this event. If you buy a ticket for this event by accident, and do not have an invite we will simply move you to the regular big game.  If you have an invite, you will need to purchase a ticket for the event, however we hope to make it an awesome game for the experienced player.  We will be awarding prizes. Every qualified player who shows up will get a small prize just playing and there also will be a chance to win the ship you play at the event.  Of course, for such booty a good buccaneer would expect a challenge to go along with it! ARRRRRR!!! Of Course!  We will be using the FULL rules set including variable winds and shoals.  The environment will be full of hazards, AND there will be no factions among the players (no British broadsides, no American marksman ETC). The smart scurvy dawg would point out i said “among the players.”  Did I say that? Hmmm!

Every player will start out with identical ships – the 6 gun schooners we use in the demos. We will be using the full ship including the rail guns on the quarter deck.   Our goal will be to sink at least half the field (You’ve been warned!)  If you can survive the battle without leaving the play surface, you will get to keep the ship you played.

We will still be giving away an event winner prize as well!

How do you get an invite?

If you are on the following list, you have already qualified based on past victories

Josh Potter
Eric Adamasek
Dave Hannigan
Amber Greenwood
Becky Allar
Bob Siegle
Brian Klinger
Don Zimmerman
Kieth Kerstettler
Mattthew Wiggins
Mike Cooper

If not, you can get an invite by:
1. Being the overall Sailpower champion at any convention we attended within the last 2 years.
2. Being a previous invitee that attends the event (eg, if you attend and play you will automatically be invited back for future invitationals)
3. Winning any of the evening games leading up to Saturday night at Origins.

If your name should be on the above list and you are not, please drop us an email @

So, if you do have an invite, You can play in our other events, but have the freedom to help out newer players without affecting your chances at a championship! If you don’t, there are still a few chances to get an invite!

Come for the adventure if you can wrangle one of the invites!

Looking forward to Origins and seeing all of you!
Brian Carnes

Marcon 2010 Event schedule!

The following is our schedule for Marcon!

Marcon is held at the Hyatt Regency this Friday Saturday and Sunday in downtown Columbus Ohio. You can find out more on this show at

Friday 7 to midnight TechCommander 5 Hours
Sat 10AM to 1PM TechCommander 3 hours
Sat 2PM to 6PM Sailpower 4 hours
Sun 9AM to 2PM Sailpower 5 hours

We also will have our pewter line and possibly some of our kits!

Hope to see you there!

Gencon 2010!

We are planning on doing Gencon (Indianapolis IN convention center) in conjunction with the Dayton Aerodrome group. The pre-event registration is live soon!
see for more on this event

Submitted event slate!

Thursday 1PM to 4PM TechCommander
Thursday 5PM to 8PM Sailpower

Friday 1PM to 4PM TechCommander
Friday 5PM to 8PM Sailpower

Saturday 1PM to 4PM TechCommander
Saturday 5PM to 8PM Sailpower


Medieval & Renaissance Faire at The Ohio State University

We are planning on doing this show:

The Medieval & Renaissance Faire at The Ohio State University will be held on Saturday May 1st, 2010, and will take place from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the OSU Mirror Lake, South Oval and West Lawn areas.

If you have a chance, come check out our line of pewter (see

Also for those in our group of volunteers, we may need some help that day if you feel like hanging out with us and speaking the Queen’s English!

–Brian Carnes