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This is a general FAQ / place for clarifications, official responses to rules requests and questions, version information / errata

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ALL ray class tanks have a smoke launcher!  The graphics folks apologize for the omission on the cards and the next round will be updated (and posted here)

Does the deathmatch game “require” a GM and can the GM play?

No, a GM is the arbitrator of line of site questions and rules questions for your game.  You could just decide all calls by mutual agreement as you would have to in any 2 player game, or  just alternate the GM role between players every round and remember, the game is only fun if played fair.  In the game designer’s home group the GM almost always plays, and the rule of thumb is when GMing it’s good etiquette to either take the less advantageous ruling when ruling on one’s self or settle the question with a high/low dice roll.

Why did you choose to add minimum ranges to rifles?

Thanks to Charles Fout from Maryland for the question.

The minimum on rifles is meant to reflect the fact that they have a optics based targeting system that is designed for range, thus it’s meant as a dis-ad for the awesome fire control gained with a quality optics package 🙂

As the game is based on generally moving and firing what we are talking about is akin to a linebacker trying to fire a scoped high zoom .50 cal sniper rifle while running to the end-zone.  Computer assists help a bit, but the recoil compensation and optical zoom ranges on the rifle’s targeting package are likely to be calibrated for ranged shooting not close in work.

TIP: A good option for the sniper that needs a close in option . . .   Try the Longbow with the ARS rapid loader.  Basically this rifle has a under-slung HE launcher with no minimum for close in work

I have the “Locked and Reloaded Edition”.  Page 46.  The Falling section has no rules for falling off of something.  (Yes, it’s already come up.)

Thanks to Charles Fout from Maryland for the question.

For a unit that chooses to drive/dive/fall off a terrain feature.  a jump equipped unit would be OK,  for a non equipped unit, I’d assess the AC of the falling unit in D20’s of damage for each story of falling.  SO a AC4 elephant falls three stories.  It will take 12 D20’s worth of damage, ignoring defensive reductions

For a short fall a GM could rule on it if needed, but I’d note the step rule on page 45. A short drop is generally OK.

For the player that is using non standard terrain, what would be a good measure  for a “story”

Thanks to senior GM/playtester John Siemon for the question

I’d use 2.5 to 4 inches.  A story would be floor to ceiling plus the overhead space above it, so typically 8 feet + 3 to 4 feet of overhead.  in 1/48 a qaurter inch = a foot so that would be 3 inches.  in 1/64 that’s 3/16th to a foot so 12 X 3/16 = 36/16  or 9/4 or 2 and a quarter inches.  I tend to use terrain that is closer to one of these scales, so depending on what i was using I’d adjust what I consider a story. As with all things terrain, your actual mileage may vary!

Looking through the rule book,  there is a Line of Sight/Range Checks section, but all it says is “For range penalty purposes, round up.” Where are the ranges and range penalty?

Thanks to Charles Fout from Maryland for the question.

ranges are on the weapon cards themselves . . . They are listed as MIN (for minimum: you may not fire under this unless a indirect shot)  OPT (short for optimum range, the range between minimum and optimum gets no range penalty), and Drop which reflects the range penalty beyond optimum range . . .

So if the range is 32 and the OPT is 30 and the Drop is 1per1 then there is a minus 2 modifier to the needed roll to hit for range penalty

Why are there two types of infantry cards OR why are the EBS cards missing stats?

The troop cards represent a regular guy with training and no power armor, the ECBS power armor suit replaces and upgrades those stats, but the combined unit still has the base training. In the locked and reloaded first printing in order to try and clear this confusion up, these were moved to gear cards, but sadly are now missing the jump jet gear reference, the speeds, and the basic armor is missing the line which ups capacity to 50.  Corrected cards will be posted, these corrections will make it into future editions.

How did he/she kill my ECBS unit when I’m invisible?

The stealth system is good against other units on the ground, but not perfect.  It may be defeated by revealing the unit with a scan (basically causes interference to the stealth system), or by acting without the highest initiative and failing a stealth roll.   Also, with the standard ECBS suit, if your unit is within 6 of the attacker, he can see you as he is close enough to notice a visual discrepancy. However, even it your unit stays sneaky there are ways to defeat it.  As a player you represent a commander with access to power sensors that can be run through a computer. The computer can model the cloaked unit through a process called “difference modeling” (basically comparing all scans and modeling your position based on anomalies).  So yes, the commanders can see each other’s cloaked units. That does nothing for the unit on the ground. They can’t lock on to what they can’t see. However with help from their commander, they can trample the area where your unit is standing with a MSV, or target a nearby wall and hit your unit with splash damage.


Nope! More here >

When is your infantry minis coming out?

We chose to focus on the MSV units for the initial launch but are hard at work on a ECBS troop min release slated next year which may be coupled with a special troop focused expansion! We appreciate your patience in bringing these to you. In the mean time any 28 to 40MM minis will work as a proxy for your units.

Core rules fixes

1.4 changes and clarifications

It is our intent to keep all players of Techcommander in the loop as the game changes and evolves.  Thus with the exception of minor typos, we will try to post anything that would qualify as a rules or stat change.  The following are those for 1.4. 

For the curious we also plan on reorganizing the order of cards to make them alphabetized to a certain degree, and provide a master index in the back to quick find cards (Yes! We listened!)

Your friends at SDGS!

Pg 19: CHANGE for CLARIFICATION – A sentence has been added to clarify that hot drop units are not infiltrated on the turn they hot drop. This rule was listed elsewhere but added additionally.

Pg 19: CLARIFICATION – The hotdrop is officially 12+ a D20 away from starting point. If you have a very large battlefield you may use 2D20.

Pg 29 CHANGE – The skull originally reads that it takes place “right after” it is claimed.  In the hundreds of games since, we find that this is best interpreted as after the player completes their original declared action, thus we changed the wording to say as much.

Pg 30 and 31: CHANGES –

  • Skull Thunder changed to a random AC6 (GM choice or die roll) to make it more consistent to War skull.  Basically if you are using a GM they pick, if not agree on a dice scheme based on the units you have
  • Skull War changed to add “or die roll” for those who are not using a GM for game calls
  • Skull Destiny changed to give the player 5 points if the game is in the last turn.  Player feedback was getting this the last turn was a real kick in the teeth, thus the thought is to give the player a little something extra since they will not be getting the cool units as there is no next turn
  • Skull Hero is NOT changing.  The original intent was that the player had to survive the last turn to get the 20, but it actually reads that this is automatic.  There was thought given to correcting this oversight, but with the change to Destiny, the current wording is being maintained for simplicity and consistency.
  • Skull Stupidity is changed to clarify that in a team game the opposing team received the points as opposed to every player. This is to correct a game issue where in a big deathmatch is immediately a loss for the claimers team because all the members of the opposing team get 15 points when the claimers team gets only gets 10.
  • Skull Fate is NOT changing, but, in the opinion of the Game Designer should never be applied to a first time player. If this happens, the game designer suggests you let the poor noob reroll OK?

Pg 48:  CHANGE to CLARIFY – added “(See Drop)” after range penalty to clarify the intent of this modifier.  Several players had a hard time determining what the range penalty was supposed to be or what drop was.  Hopefully this change makes it clearer.

Pg 53:  CHANGE to CLARIFY – added line to reference that armor does apply to overrun damage


Pg 53:  CHANGE – Heroic charge is changing to reflect the fact that there a lot more weapons in the game.  Giving all shots to certain guns seems a little silly, and bogs down gameplay.  Thus the modified text only gives 1 shot per target unless noted in the weapon. So guns like the demolisher and the eagle will not be able to be guaranteed kills with their many shots.  Guns such as the PCW will be noted so they are still capable in this action type. Additionally the steel wind katana reference is changed to bladed weapon to allow for use of other bladed weapons.

Pg 53 CHANGE – Rallied Weapons free is being modified to allow the participating weapons free member units to pop and shoot to engage.  This does not change the unit’s position on the battlefield but allows squads to position behind cover or in bubble shields and still be combat effective.  Note that pop and shooting still counts as moving for dug in purposes

Pg 53 CHANGE – Rallied assault is changed to allow the attacker to target any group of targets that could be rallied to avoid players attempting to restructure their rally group (splitting it up etc) to avoid being attacked.  Additionally it should be CLARIFIED that any unit that would qualify for a heroic action is not rallied for purposes of rallied assault.


1.4 cards have version info in lower right.  Always defer to highest version.

Corrected ECBS gear cards are posted online.  No stats changes but 1.3 is misprinted and missing stats

Trushot rifle: CHANGE – Optimum is now 36

Marksman99 rifle: CHANGE – Optimum is now 48

Regula:  CHANGE – base damage is 4+(2 D20) This gives it a wider potential damage and a flatter average bell curve.  This corrects the weapon to be more of a ‘ak47’ to the Eagle’s ‘m-16’ feel

Demolisher: CHANGE – lower weight to 8  This gun was way too heavy for realistic models

Fireshark: CHANGE –  has 3 rails

Hornet: CHANGE – has 4 shots and +3 fire control Needed a power bump in current weapons set

Firestar: CHANGE – Weight 1KG this is supposed to be a bag full of throwing stars not a shot put. Also CHANGE to note that this negates wild weasel, smoke and stealth modifiers. This is a mini beacon that sticks to the opponent and negates modifiers caused by defensive gear or cover until it melts itself into slag.  It won’t erase a building in the way for your rifle(missiles are a different story), but any modifier defense gear related or cover is countered.

Foregrip: CHANGE – 1 per gun limit, no stacking. Cheesewarriors NERFED!

Oscar: CHANGE – Add optic rail and lower weight by 1. Lose ACOG. Scopes are cool, removing weight to allow a scope to be added. Original design “included” a scope

Piranaha: CHANGE – Add optic rail and lower weight by 1. Fire control to +2. Add second shot if stationary. Scopes are cool, removing weight to allow a scope to be added. Original design “included” a scope.  Stat ability bump to better reflect the weapon after adding DMR/EBR type weapons.

EMPD: CHANGE – Add 3 splash to allow it to lock down a small ECBS rally group. Add non ecbs troops to not affected units. Giving a little splash effect to this gear allows a rival infantry to lock down a small squad to prevent completing a mission or getting a skull in death matches.

Dynasty: CHANGE to CLARIFY – Strike words that state it only protects troops and crew as a small vehicle can also be protected.  Clarify that any attacker cannot poke part of a weapon through the shield and must have the whole weapon on the side of the shield of the target

Advanced Combat Optic: CHANGE – Lower weight to 1  Scopes are not THAT heavy. Change descriptive text to allow it on any weapon with a optic or scope rail. Scope railed weapons to date are Piranha, Oscar, Regula, Fireshark, and Eagle DMR (not Eagle EBR which has a built in scope)

T1 Combat Optic: CHANGE – Change descriptive text to allow it on any weapon with a optic or scope rail. Scope railed weapons to date are Piranha, Oscar, Regula, Fireshark, and Eagle DMR (not Eagle EBR which has a built in scope)

I-COMBAT: Weight was lowered to 2KG for locked and reloaded.

Abilities have been reworked: (replace base text)

  • SCAN PROCESSING: +4 to scans
  • RALLY PROCESSING: Rally group with I-combat within may target 2 targets with rally action
  • DECRYPT:  If within 10 of a secured door or lock(strength 1-25), once per turn you may hack the door (no action required) by rolling a D20 and adding 10 to it. If this roll + modifier are greater or equal than door strength the door unlocks.
  • ENCRYPT: If adjacent to an unlocked secure door or lock once per turn you may relock the door at the level of a D20 roll plus 10 (max level 25). A door can only be secured with one lock at a time. Locks encrypted by this I-combat can be canceled as any time by the controlling player

Spear missile: CHANGE – range penalty does NOT apply to GPS Otherwise it’s an average missile with a piss poor chance of hitting.

Siegemaster A1: CHANGE –  drop weight to 6 add note that weapon is vehicle  mount only (not MSV) Perceived fluff fix

Stormbolt: CHANGE – is actually NLOS

Saber: CHANGE – The Saber ignores Phalanx defensive gear and reactive armor Rail guns send projectiles at much higher velocity then a traditional ballistics thus the required reaction time to defend would not likely be there

Troll: CHANGE – Add Integrated Wild Weasel system We wanted to tweak some of the classic MSV designs now that there are more choices to players. We did not want the originals to get left behind so to speak

Gladiator: CHANGE – Add Reactive Armor We wanted to tweak some of the classic MSV designs now that there are more choices to players. We did not want the originals to get left behind so to speak

LASER fixes

ADD Laser Designator to base Hunter (it’s on the turret)

ADD Standard laser designator ability to  JAZZ (it’s other laser system stays as well)

PG 73 Infantry rail attachment should be standardized (the current text is improperly limited. only nullifies for MSV shots as printed and only NLOS modifier)

Standard text for laser . . .

Laser Designator: May be used to mark targets or locations (laser designation). Must be able to draw an unblocked line from the laser designator to the marked spot or target.  Friendly units targeting marked spot with NLOS type weapons may nullify line of sight (not smoke) modifiers.

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