TechCommander Stories!

This page is intended to be a place to post battle stories written by players or short fan fiction.  We may also post a few official stories from the SDGS staff.

To submit a story for this page email

Some rules for stories:

All stories submitted for inclusion on this blog become the property of SeaDog Game Studios (SDGS), who may edit, revise, delete, or republish them at our sole discretion.  We will endeavor to credit  the original authors of any submitted stories whenever possible.  Brian Carnes and SeaDog game studios maintain all copyrights to the Techcommander universe.  Anything submitted for inclusion here is considered fan fiction within a copyrighted universe. If this bothers you in any way DO NOT send stories to us. Additionally, SDGS maintains all rights to it’s IP, so please do not write “fan fiction”  for TechCommander if this is a problem for you.

Still here?  The idea is for all you awesome creative gamers to be able to share your creative energy with each other and talk about the cool characters you imagine when you play Techcommander.  We were asked recently if we could post some ideas for how a story should be done for this page. The following are suggestions on how to make your story fit the universe better.

  • Stories must be originally written by the person submitting them.
  • Keep all stories PG!
  • Try to make sure your stories would be plausible in a game context.
  • Avoid “creating” facts about existing factions such as the syndicate, or the USSC.
  • Avoid “creating” facts about existing characters such as those found in the core rules book fiction.
  • DO use real places in the universe. A good map can be found here:
  • If you do refer to a real place be sure and wiki it and make sure your plot makes sense for the locale (a giant MSV battle on the jungle surface of a planet that science has identified as a gas giant just won’t do!)
  • Avoid places, even if they are real, that are key plot points in other major sci fi shows (example wolf 359)
  • TechCommander is a universe where there are a lot of mercenary operators  who are working contracts in obscure areas of space. Stories about mercenaries working corporate contracts, or fighting space pirates are a safe way to go.
  • Never refer to other sci fi universes or their units in your stories.
  • Use units that are already in the game in the stories where possible.
  • be sure any load-outs you use for ECBS or MSV units are game legal.
  • For questions on “how would that work in the Techcommander universe?” refer to the core rulebook or drop us an email.

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