TechCommander Basics

This is meant to help the curious with a few basic concepts, to fully understand the game one should of course read the rules!

On to the basics!

There are two fundamentally different ways to play

  1. Skirmish style: We have rules for many kinds of squad versus squad games, including objective and mission based games, and territorial control game types. These types play in a manner similar to other action games
  2. Deathmatch style: A fast paced game played for points, with re-spawns. Players start with a unit budget and earn larger budgets as they play and get kills. This game type plays more like a video game on a tabletop

Tech Commander units are classified by general size and toughness as AC

  • A troop unit would be AC1
  • A small tank or vehicle might be AC2
  • An MSV might be between AC3 and 6

A building might be anywhere from AC2 to AC100 or even bigger

The AC determines:

  1. how easy a unit is to hit (AC is added as a plus to attack roll)
  2. how hard it is to damage (all units in TechCommander have 20 life, but only take one life for every AC worth of damage)
  3. How affordable the unit is in death matching (you have a budget of total AC of your units)
  4. How much stuff the unit can carry (AC sets the class weight and power limits)

In TechCommander rolling low on attacks is good.  To determine what you need succeed at a attack you start with a 10 or less, then add or subtract fire control, size of target, terrain modifiers etc.  So hitting an AC6 with a clear line of sight with a accurate weapon is almost a guaranteed shot.  In-directing a troop over a building at long range is probably a lot less possible.

TechCommander has lots of special attack actions including fire and cover, move and shoot, DFA, trample, and many others.

TechCommander also has special action types for groups of troops that are working together, which is referred to as being “rallied”  A rallied group of infantry can make powerful attacks equivalent to much larger units, but can also be split off to take on missions or increase survivability

Infantry also have the ability to be invisible to other units on the ground. This stealth system does not keep other players from seeing them however as the players represent techcommanders with a view from overhead or in orbit with much more powerful computer and sensor equipment.

TechCommander avoids giving to much weight to initiative by resolving all unit eliminations at the end of the turn, so that units that have been fired at and destroyed still have a chance to act. Thus if the first thing your opponent does is one shot you to death, you may still have a chance to get revenge.

We hope you give out game a try and look forward to Deathmatching with you!

This is the new player guide for your reference if you want to learn more, or you can cruise over and download the rules for free!

TechCommander 20 for NOOBS 06-2016

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