This page is for all those who see something in the pictures or at the shows we do and wonder where to get the same things for the local game club!


In addition to our kit line we use:

  • poker chips (the big 20 dollar set from Walmart in the metal case)
  • our big set piece terrain is generally sculpted by Josh Potter, as well as some items by Game Fusion Studios, and stuff from the local hobby stores.
  • Life dials – we have one sculpted which we can release if there is demand for it, otherwise any life dial or D20 will do! If you want to make your own the art is under “TechCommander Downloads” on this blog!


In addition to our growing line of ships, Sailpower is designed to be compatible with any 15MM scale figures or ships.  Over the years we have used the following 3rd party figures or models (often modified heavily) in our games:

  • USS Constitution by Revell models
  • HMS Victory by Heller models

(You can use 1/96th and similar scale models to play by simplifying the construction, and cutting the bottom off with a saw.)

Early in the play-testing for the first edition we used the Thoroughbred Figures line of 15 mm ships. We also used their Brig Niagara for a while (we have since sculpted a somewhat larger version of our own that is closer to the scale used on our bigger ships). All of these are excellent miniatures and very much playable with Sailpower!

We have used 15MM minis by Peter Pig,  Minifigs, Thouroughbred Figures as well as various model railroad figs repainted to fit.

Our older islands are hand cut from wood or foam and populated with modified buildings from Miniature building authority and others. We are currently working to replace these with our growing terrain line

Originally our palm trees were from an old Pressman pirate game . More recently we have started useing cake decorating trees. We are considering making these available as part of or terrain offerings.

Our  large “Sea” is a 8X13 foot piece of marine carpet by Daystar (try Lowes or other home improvement stores). we liked this so much we bought a second as well as several 6X8 smaller “seas” We also have used area rugs.

Sailpower 2.0All name brands in the above description are copyright of their respective companies and mentioned for reference only.

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