Sailpower 2.0 Clarifications and errata

Bar shot range modifiers – 2.0 rules clarification: added 5-13-14

Traditionally bar and chain shot has always been added to the grape or double shot types. However it was pointed out by our players that not only does it not directly prohibit using it by itself, but that there is somewhat unrealistically, no range penalty for doing so.   This errata is to correct that oversight. Additionally, We are clarifiying that bar shot has no effect against hull.

Pg 23 bottom of right column under modifiers add:

Bar/chain shot fired by itself (varies) If Bar/chain shot is fired by itself (not added to double shot or grape) the range related modifiers shall be figured based on double the actual range.”

Pg 26 end of BAR / C HAIN SHOT rules blurb add:

“If Bar/chain shot is fired by itself (not added to double shot or grape) the range related modifiers shall be figured based on double the actual range. Bar shot cannot be used against hull.”

The same changes apply to the quick rules

GM victory points notes and patch for users of the 2.1 quick rules sheets with expanded treasures list

The new treasure rules have “scaling points” which are designed to drive narrative and randomize player behavior. While they do a great job of this, treasure hunting can rack up a lot of points if the player is lucky, and chooses to follow a path to multiply the findings point potential.  If your game has a GM or when awarding points, be sure to LIBERALLY give points for mission play and for proper naval actions The following patch will help as well:


  • Assisting on a mission when it is achieved each player gets the 2000 points that helped.
  • Minor missions or milestones towards a major get 500 VP per player.
  • Assist points at 250 can be given out for actions that assist at any point.
  • capture of a opposing vessel 500 pts + normal points (minor mission achieved).
  • Capture of a vessel larger (in fleetpoints by at least 100 points) then your own, add an additional 1000 (so 1500 total).
  • If you are a navy vessel capturing a opposing navy vessel in time of war add 500 points.
  • 250 VP for GM ruled “assist” to a capture (ANY allied player can get this… should be someone who assisted in a noticeable way (broadsides/small arms/crew given, or even maneuvering to cut off escape)


So a 250 point 8 gun sloop captures a opposing vessel of 10 guns and 350 fleet points …

500 VP for the capture
+ 1000 for prize being larger
+500 for being an opposing naval vessel as opposed to a pirate or merchant
we are at 2000 pts…
no treasure aboard (she’s a warship!)
BUT you still get 350 for the defeat 350 for prize crew aboard and 300 (sale of ship less all 10 guns destroyed in combat)

so the player gets 3000 points total!

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