Sailpower Downloads!

Flag Sheets!

Two sheets of flags for use in your Sailpower game (and here is a 6mm version!)

This awesome alternate set of flags comes from Brian Juge… it includes a lot of additional age of pirate designs as well as some streamers and multiples of popular style.

Masting Instruction Sheets for Sailpower 2.0 15mm kits

Ship stats for ships used by SDGS or various players we have built stat sheets for. 

9-13-10 sheet stat alignment ADJUSTED

Sailpower PDF merge of convention used ship’s sheets

To add your ship here, or inform us of an error, please contact us.

Blank ship sheet for Sailpower 2.0


Sailpower 2.0 new player guide


ARCHIVE: A set of optional rules to use with Xebecs (Sailpower 1.5 content, included in 2.0)

XEBEC rules

A move log sheet courtesy of Sailpower player Dave Hannigan of Fort Wayne Indiana

Move sheet


Last edit 5-15-14


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