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Sea Dog Game Studios (SDGS) was created to make innovative products of interest to geeks and gamers. We specialize in unique games and accessories, both digitally sculpted and hand crafted, and designed by us out of our small studio in Dublin Ohio, USA. We also specialize in open world games that allow the gamer the freedom to explore and game in several different styles.

Founded in 2005 by Brian Carnes,  SDGS first released Sailpower: Fun Scale Combat in the Age of Sail, a large scale sailing ship game, and began to make a showing at various conventions where Brian and his crew worked to make the most impressive large scale games possible.

In 2009 Sea Dog Studios purchased the  well received 26 year old renaissance pewter line from Brian’s family. This had previously been sold almost exclusively at Renaissance fairs under the name “Lizards Wizards and Ringz.” As re imagined, the line is being sold under the Lizards Wizards product name as a product line for Sea Dog’s new pewter brand, Valkyrie pewter. It is sold not only at renaissance fairs, but also at gaming conventions. Brian rightly envisioned that the Renaissance fantasy jewelry business was of great interest to his fellow geeks and gamers!

In 2010 SDGS launched a new game called TechCommander.  This is a sci fi action game that not only draws inspiration from the pages of science and technology journals and the latest thinking about high tech warfare, but from another geeky passion, the video game.  Originally planned for a quiet couple years of testing, the deathmatch became a very popular convention game wherever it was played. In 2015 this game was converted from hand sculpted Garage kits to digitally sculpted and 3D printed models in both 10 and 28MM scales.

in 2013 SDGS debuted the second edition of Sailpower via a successful Kickstarter campaign. We also launched a line a of modular terrain, and terrain bits. With this kickstarter we purchased the first of many 3D printers, which

The core of SDGS is creative people who believe that we can still make things that are unique, and not part of the big corporate franchised machine.  It is a labor of love to make that happen.  Our products are created by many of the people you can meet running the games at the shows (just ask them!). We make them mostly by hand and hope to provide original products and new ideas to fellow geeks and Renaissance fans!

Brian Carnes is a long time fan of all things geeky, historical, or high technology. As a child his two main passions were drawing old sailing ships, and drawing cutaway rockets and airplanes.  With a passion for technology, Brian has worked as an IT professional for over 12 years, but also has attended and or volunteered at conventions for gaming or sci-fi. He also has worked at his family’s booth at the Ohio Renaissance festival selling pewter.  Most of Brian’s family is creative in some way with passions ranging from fine art to jewelry to ceramics and beyond. Content previously to build geeky things and write mainly as a hobby, in 2007 Brian had a revival of his family’s art business passion with his cousin Sarah. He began casting sailing ships to go with his age of sail game and looking for fellow creatives to bring SDGS to life!

Brian at play


Other Sea Dog Game Studios Personalities, Collaborators, and Retail partners

These are folks that you might meet at conventions or shows that are involved with making Sea Dog Game Studios  fun and creative.  Many of these folks are volunteers and all of them are most helpful in bringing great experiences to people at conventions and fairs.

Catherine “Tyger” Chesnut-Oberting

Cat is our resident shop mom, keeping everyone straight and applying her attention to detail to  quality control, the new and improved masting, and to welding for the pewter line. Cat’s geeky interests include being a fan of Zelda, anime, and fantasy literature

Dave2013Dave “Captain Cannon, Redbeard, The Duck,” Oberting

Dave is a geek with a passion for geek toys and pirates! He grew up playing D and D, building spaceships from legos, and taking robotics classes in high school. Today Dave is a senior GM and play test lead, and helps coordinate GMs at major conventions.  In addition he runs SDGS’s molding and casting shop which produces resin ships, TechCommander units, and pewter renaissance jewelery. Lately Dave handles a good portion of the 3D printer wrangling in house!


Elizabeth “Valkyrie” Carnes

Elizabeth is the SDGS CFO. Also known to Brian as “the wife,” Elizabeth is a life long trekker, sci fi geek and bookworm. She enjoys going to Renaissance fairs and various conventions. She helps at SDGS’s Ohio Renaissance shop, and handles all those crazy book-keeping things her crazy husband is too busy to keep up with.

Ed “The Pirate” Wedig

Ed WedigEd is our Graphics Designer, Volunteer and Event Coordinator,  Senior Sailpower GM, Webmaster, Kickstarter coordinator, and all around awesome gamer geek extraordinaire.  After seeing Ed’s passion for other games, we asked him to give Sailpower a try and we have enjoyed his hard work and professionalism ever since! Check out Ed’s  awesome Portfolio. Ed also launched a board game under the Sea Dog Banner, the always fun family game “Twenty Yard Shamble.”



Becky Allar

Becky is a master modeler, and a long time gamer also helped as proof editor on both the TechCommander and Cogs of Valor projects. She often engages in a bit oh treasure hunting with her customized Sailpower ships or quietly builds up a chip lead in TechCommander!

Our awesome GMs Past and Present (in no particular order)

Josh Potter, John Siemon (TechCommander Senior playtester), Dave Hankins, Dave Hannigan, Dee Davis, Josh Epstein, Will Bennedetti, Ann Christy, Paul Neher,Timothy Pertuset,Mike Christensen ,Sarah Christensen (A jeweler by trade, Sarah sculpted many of the hand sculpted jewelry, as well as small parts we’ve used over the years), Chris “Admiral Tang” Neill (TechCommander Beta Senior playtester), Scott “Pinja” Maddy (TechCommander Beta Senior playtester), Brian Mccabe (TechCommander Beta Senior playtester), Christina Titus, Melanie Gerhard, Scott Smith, Ken Head, Cassandra Angel, Jeff Greenwood, Evan Musheno, Christie Seibold, Andrew Beardsley, Carl Racke

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