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Sailpower Galleries!

Brian painted up an Armed Merchant Sloop as Charles Vane‘s Ranger. It looks pretty good!


Admiral Bimbi, one of our Sailpower 2.0 KickStarter backers, sent us some pictures of his finished ships. Good job!


We have re-sculpted the 12 gun brig. She features an upgraded prow, built in deck details including cannonball racks, a ships bell, built in ladders, a heightened quarterdeck rail, defined points for adding rails a curvy stern gallery with windows, and more.

This is my original 12 gun brig hull from 2007 next to the new 2013 re-sculpt for our Kickstarter Fleet Admiral backers.



Brian has been working on making a set of wrecks for your Sailpower 2.0 game.

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