Books Brian wants!

The following books are on my desired books list. If you have a copy of one of these any would like to trade for Sailpower stuff, or would be willing to part with it at a very affordable price, let me know ( )

Cogs, Caravels and Galleons (Conway’s History of the Ship series) – Richard W. Unger (Editor)
Spanish Galleon 1530-1690 (New Vanguard/Osprey) Angus Konstram
American Light and Medium Frigates 1794-1836 (New Vanguard/Osprey) Mark Lardas
Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812 (New Vanguard/Osprey) Mark Lardas
Galleons and Galleys (Hardcover) by John Francis Guilmartin
Anatomy of the Ship: The 44-Gun Frigate USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides” by Karl Heinz Marquardt
Anatomy of the Ship: The 24-Gun Frigate Pandora by John McKay and Ron Coleman
Anatomy of the Ship: The 74-Gun Ship Bellona by Brian Lavery
Anatomy of the Ship: Captain Cook’s Endeavor by Karl Heinz Marquardt
Anatomy of the Ship: The Ships of Christopher Columbus by Xavier Pastor
Anatomy of the Ship: NAVAL CUTTER ALERT: New Edition (or old for that matter) by Peter Goodwin
Anatomy of the Ship: The Armed Transport Bounty – Revised Edition – by John McKay
Anatomy of the Ship:Royal Yacht Caroline, 1749 by Sergio Bellabarba and Giorgio Osculati
Anatomy of the Ship:The Athenian Trireme by Doug McElvogue
Anatomy of the Ship:The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay by Al Ross
National Geographic Magazine September 1990 (Track of the Manila Galleons, Vol.178 No.3)
National Geographic March 1983. (Hamilton and Scourge Ghost Ships of the War 1812)

UPDATED 1-3-10

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