Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0

We have released a Nassau Sloop model for Sailpower 2.0. This 15mm small craft is typical of the 6 gun sloop favored by pirates of Nassau. Pirates preferred small sloops for their maneuverability and upwind sailing performance as well as the ability to escape large warships in shallow waters. This sloop model reflects a typical 6-gun sloop with a few pirate upgrades including mount points for swivel rail guns and stern gun ports.

Kit Features:
● One-piece resin cast hull
● 6 guns (4 deck guns included with kit, 2 below deck guns represented on hull/not included)
● Ready to assemble masting
● Patterned after historical Golden Age pirate sloops
● Two color casting (brown hull with black accessories)
● Assembly and painting required

The kit is now available in our Online Store!

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