Sailpower Invitational – June 15, 2014 7pm-11pm

Here is a teaser for the Sailpower Invitational Event this year at Origins:

SP_Origins2014War has between France and England has been raging, and the Royal Navy squadron at the Portside Quay’s naval station has been called away on mission leaving the harbor practically defenseless.   Taking advantage of this dire situation, treacherous and emboldened Pirates have banded together and invaded the normally quiet harbor.  Pirates and their ships are everywhere. Women have locked up and hid their children. No shop was safe! The governor has been kidnapped and held for ransom, as taverns are ransacked, shops plundered down to bare shelves, and fortifications destroyed.

Also taking advantage, the French have seized a small island group located right  in the approaches to the main harbor. Although the French navy had already left for other pressing issues, there is a garrison holding the Islands in the name of France.  The French “governor” even had the impudence to fire upon the King’s ships with the island own cannon!

As the Pirates are busy with sacking the harbor, the Royal Navy returns to the waters, low on critical supplies.The King’s ships each have enough ammo to fire three broadsides before running out of shot.  The Royal Navy Commodore calls a meeting of his captains aboard his ship.   His thoughts?   Take the bloody French controlled islands back and secure French imposters as prisoners of war,  then resupply the fleet.  Ships not needed for this task could then push into the harbor proper and drive out the pirates.  No quarter shall be given, and survivors are to swing from the yardarms of the King’s navy!   If retaking the islands from the French proves successful, the island’s defenses can be manned in support dealing with the escaping pirates.  It was high time that the Royal Navy seek to end Pirate depredations in these waters!

Despite the war and piracy, The East India companies must continue to navigate these dangerous waters in pursuit of trade. Can they make the voyage a profit? Or will these Indiaman become new ships in the growing Pirate navy that menaces all who sail the high seas!

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