TechCommander Invitational – June 14, 2014 7pm-11pm

Here is a teaser for the TechCommander Invitational Event this year at Origins:

USSC Sector 28 Command Station “Rushed Tango”

TC_Origins2014Aleksy Kowalski sat at his monitoring station bored as usual. The sector only had mining facilities and backwater colonies so this area of space never had unscheduled traffic. He looked over at his clock, noting exactly how early in the morning it was, and starting counting “Five, four, three, two…” and the computer beeped as a supply ship jumped in. “Twelve minutes and 23 seconds behind schedule, right on cue.” Aleksy muttered as he logged the discrepancy. He reached over for his coffee and jumped as the computer announced the arrival of another ship. He hurried back over to the computer to look at the unexpected traffic. “That’s impossible! That ship was destroyed.” Aleksy told himself as he reached for the phone and punched in some numbers. “General, you need to come in right away. The system just picked up the signature of the ARYSK.”

30 minutes later

General Moorehaven was cautiously optimistic as he walked the corridor to the command center. In some circles, he was considered responsible for the USSC’s defeat against the radical separatist group, the PLF, and the loss of the USSC’s local command ship. The military had declared it destroyed but he knew better. He after having been found himself essentially barred from promotion, and reassigned to a remote and generally dull sector but today was the day he could hopefully regain his standing. He entered the command center and made a beeline for Aleksy’s station.

“I know what you’re going to ask and I have already triple checked. There is no doubt that it’s the ARYSK.” Said Aleksy without even turning to look at the General. “As soon as it jumped in it made its way to the only mining planet in this sector that has a USSC installation. What do you want to do sir?”

“Send all available forces” the general said. As he studied the sector’s command grid, he noticed a USSC task force in the sector that was unattached to him. “Tell me, who is that task force and what are they doing there?”

Aleksy worked at his terminal for a few seconds, paused, and then started typing away furiously. After about a minute he replied “The entire file is classified above any access we’d have. I was able to find a name but unless ‘Threebest’ means anything to you we won’t get any more information.” Aleksy turned around to face the General. “Worse, the ARYSK is heading on a bombing course and our forces won’t get there in time. We will have to hope the Commander on station will be able to hold them off.”

“Tell him to hold on, he’s in for one heck of a fight.”


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