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3D printing revolution improves Sea Dog Game Studios releases to add more flexibility and more scales!

A few years back Sea Dog Game studios invested in a basic 3D printer. Today we operate 7, and that number is likely to rise again very soon. ¬†Initially we mainly saw the printer as a way to create prototypes for models we then made molds of, but today as i write this we are pushing the envelope to actually PRODUCE models on 3d printers! This allows us react to the needs of our customers and offer models in several scales. We can even create quickly generated “mods” at user request! I thought I’d take a moment to look at where we are in 2017

The Beast, a 2015 digital reculpt of an old hand sculpt from 2008!

Martello tower roof - print in progress

Martello tower roof – 2013 print in progress on our first 3D printer!


2017 – USS Tigress, Everything is 3D printed except the paint and dowels!

Brightly colored SCI FI crates at Origins 2017!

A render of our first ship offered in three scales – The Buccaneer Sloop! We can use these renders to produce nicer directions as well.

28MM (left and center) to 6MM (right) …


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A custom version created for a customer. He wanted no windows aft, and stern-chasers.


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a 15MM 3D-printed buccaneer sloop in play at Origins 2017!


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Our highest res printer taking a crack at the buccaneer sloop –

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Things printed with this SLA UV cure resin/laser printer cost more, but have a masterpiece museum grade finish.


We hope you enjoyed this look at how 3D printing is upping our game. For the latest you can check out our various Facebook feeds, or visit us at a show near you!


-Brian Carnes

Sea Dog Game Studios