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Origins 2014 Pictures – Part 1

Marcon 48 this weekend!

Sea Dog Game Studios will be at Marcon 48 this weekend. We will be running both Sailpower and TechCommander in the McKinley room, tables M1/2 & M3/4. The game schedule is:

FRIDAY, March 29
Sailpower: 7pm-10pm
TechCommander: 7pm-10pm

Sailpower: 10am-1pm
TechCommander: 10am-1pm
Sailpower: 2pm-5pm
TechCommander: 2pm-5pm

SUNDAY, March 31
Sailpower open demos: 10am-
TechCommander open demos: 10am-

We will also have a booth in the Dealer Hall, so come check it out!

Sea Dog Game Studios at Origins 2012, in Pictures


Origins 2012 was a great convention. Thanks to all of the fine players who came down to play Sailpower and TechCommander, and special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped to make it a great show.

We’ve posted a few photo galleries on the Sailpower and TechCommander Facebook pages. Go check them out!

Like our pewter, and like going to ren faires?

Like our pewter, and like going to ren faires?

Valkyrie pewter is looking for enterprising individual(s) with a passion for Renaissance  Festivals and Fairs and an interest in pewter to partner up and do some of the shows we can’t get to with our current geographical location and schedule.  The ideal person should  be reliable, trustworthy,  have good interpersonal skills, be good at working with their hands, comfortable with wearing Renaissance costumes, good at keeping detailed notes/ book-keeping, and good at multitasking.


We’d be interested in setting such a person up in a cart, tent, or booth to sell our pewter. We’d ship or drop off inventoried product for this person to sell for us at the show and work closely to provide an exciting pewter product line to the patrons of the show. If such a show were to grow for us in to a successful outlet for our pewter and permanent booth space were available, such a person could transition onto the role of a shop manager.


If this sounds like it might be you or you know someone who this might be a good fit for then feel free to drop us a note.  We’d love to talk!

On to 2012 . . .

2011 was crazy!

I had major surgery, I added a dozen new designs to TechCommander, The Ren fair did well, The Pewter business added an e-store and we all hopefully had a fun and blessed time, which is in fact the whole point.

Let life throw us a bad economy, crazy politics, and all it’s problems.   I thank you all for the great games, friendship and the ability to share creativity!

For 2012 we are looking to make it even more exciting.  Here is a rundown of what we have in mind. Keep in mind these are the “dreams and aspirations” and reality has a way of setting it’s own agenda!

Valkyrie Pewter:

We are looking to work with Scott St. Martin’s Nebuleux Studios to put together an adventure gamer themed set of photography featuring our legendary pewter.  It’s all in the planning stages but we hope to showcase just how awesome our pewter can be for adventure gamers and COSplay fans!

We also home to release a small line of our popular claws set with dice instead of crystal.  Additionally we are looking at some steam-punk inspired gear jewelry.

We are looking to expand our Facebook e-store to include a lot more products so those of you who can’t make our shows can enjoy it!

We are also looking to find folks to help out at fairs and expand our presence at other shows.  We’d particularly like to find someone to help us expand our Ohio presence via the Great lakes Medevial Fair.


In 2011 we released the Sailpower 2.0 beta rules, which accurized sailing speeds and added standardized weapons ranges to speed up gameplay plus a few new gun types and a more formalized set of treasure hunting rules.

We are not done yet! we are working hard to get a expanded 2.0 full set of rules out hopefully by Origins 2012.  We are adding rules for inter-port trading, tavern visits, rakes, friendly fire modifiers, tavern brawls, press gangs, volunteer recruitment, faction rules for a dozen or so new factions and much more.

The plan is for the ruleset to be very backwards friendly in that the main changes are rules additions, with minimal changes to the way the rules worked other then the new weapons and ship stats which we will post on line.   The quick rules combined with your 1.X rulebook will still keep you in the action, but we do hope to make the 2.0 rules cool enough that users may want to spring for the upgrade!

We also plan on releasing a line of new lower cost smaller type ships to make the game more accessible to the casual gamer who wants a small fleet of affordable ships.  We also plan on finishing up some of our higher end kits for our shipbuilder friends out there.

We also plan a quick update to our free cogs rules soon.

At Origins we plan on running the invitational as a “Tournament of Plunder” so we can find out who’s on ToP 😀

Some projects:

a new starter with a pair of slightly larger sloops

Bermuda 6 gun pirate sloop

Danish gunboats


several new galleons and a carrack

HMS Ontario  (A 22 gun brig of war)

HMS CRUIZER/SNAKE (18 gun brig/sloop of war class superkit)

Brig Niagara

east indiaman

28 gun frigate

38 gun frigate

4 gun 28MM sloop

Small scale cogs


We had been working on some new aerospace rules, but in light of of all the new units we have and a few scultps we’s like to retool we are going to focus on finishing up sculpts and making sure all the existing unit cards are as awesome as can be.

We plan on having some great new kits out by origins as well as a updated set of unit cards for download (to address any errata issues)

We also plan on running the invitaional at a different time slot so those of you who earned invites to both games can play in both!

I also hope to finish the first TechCommander novel (or novella?) which will be released with the JAZZ MSV



Hunter (with turrets for all variants)



Infantry release 1

OTHER stuff!

We also plan on continuing to help promote Paul’s Hounds of War, and have a few top secret projects in the works!

Have a Merry Christmas, a Blessed Holliday, and hope to continue the fun in 2012!

Brian Carnes









Gencon 2011 releases!

Sea Dog Game Studios will be at Gencon this year!

We are running games Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with morning and evening Sailpower and mid-day TechCommander deathmatch games. Check out our Events page for details.

We will have a booth in the dealer hall (Booth #1843) for your shopping pleasure.   We are trying to have folks there to run short games on our demo table.

We also will be releasing:


8 new AC2 Ray-class tanks designs, all based off the original STINGRAY chassis.

These will be available, first come-first serve, in limited numbers.  They retail for $25 each, but will  be available at special pricing of $20 each if you buy at least 3, buy a starter, buy a core rulebook, or spend at least $100 on Sea Dog Game Studios  product.

These tanks are very cool, and were designed to add some cost effective entries for building a Techcommander playbox.

In addition to the 8 new Rays, we are releasing a AC2 command scout car called the ROUGHRIDER, which resembles a cross between a Willies jeep and some sort of space invader!   This vehicle will be available as part of the ray class multi-tank purchase deal outlined above.

Also released for Gencon:

  • Beast AC4 MSV – $50
  • Paladin AC6 MSV – $120

We are also hoping to have a few surprises ready for the show (crossing fingers!)


Sailpower starters, and a lot of our 8 gun sloops and schooners sold out at Origins, but never fear we have restocked and should have plenty at the show.

We also have restocked the brand new HMS Speedy kit ($85)

For those who have the Sailpower rules and want to get rolling with the new Sailpower 2.0 pre-release rules we are using at shows, we will have the new quick rules playmats available in rolled form for $10

These quickrules include:

  • Improved ships with better speed plots, wind shadowing, and new stats
  • Improved cannon charts with new cannon types
  • Improved Small boat rules
  • The new RAKE RULE! (You guys all asked for it!)
  • and finally the full treasure search system!

We also will have limited quantities of the colored treasure chests (like the ones we use at shows) in sets of 20 (12 black, 8 red)

And last but not least we will have loose small boats and bits available to accessorize your ship!