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The New Sailpower 2.0 Book is Back from Editing!

The new Sailpower 2.0 book has come back from it’s second editing round (thanks Captain Allar!). Here are a few sample pages to show you whats in the new book.

And here is a side-by-side comparison between a page from the original book, and the revised version.

Page from original Sailpower book

Page from original Sailpower book

Page from new Sailpower 2.0 book

Page from new Sailpower 2.0 book

Sailpower 2.0 will be released at Origins in June. If you want to receive it earlier, get on board our KickStarter project. The project end May 4th.

Because it’s been requested, here are the same page samples from the black&white book.

Sea Dog Game Studios at Origins 2012, in Pictures


Origins 2012 was a great convention. Thanks to all of the fine players who came down to play Sailpower and TechCommander, and special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped to make it a great show.

We’ve posted a few photo galleries on the Sailpower and TechCommander Facebook pages. Go check them out!