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Sea Dog Game Studios releases Nassau Sloop kit for Sailpower 2.0

We have released a Nassau Sloop model for Sailpower 2.0. This 15mm small craft is typical of the 6 gun sloop favored by pirates of Nassau. Pirates preferred small sloops for their maneuverability and upwind sailing performance as well as the ability to escape large warships in shallow waters. This sloop model reflects a typical 6-gun sloop with a few pirate upgrades including mount points for swivel rail guns and stern gun ports.

Kit Features:
● One-piece resin cast hull
● 6 guns (4 deck guns included with kit, 2 below deck guns represented on hull/not included)
● Ready to assemble masting
● Patterned after historical Golden Age pirate sloops
● Two color casting (brown hull with black accessories)
● Assembly and painting required

The kit is now available in our Online Store!

Martello Tower 3d Print

Last weekend, we fired up our Rigidbot 3d printer and printed a 3-part martello tower in 15mm. We had a few bumps along the way (you can read more over on our Facebook page), but the finished product turned out very nice. The next step would be to get the model under rubber and cast it in resin.

Special Talk Like a Pirate Day Deal!

So bein it be talk like a pirate day i be oferin ye pirate scurvey dawgs this here deal. I’ve not even finished the instructions fer this fyne seabird, nor the box art, nothin. I’ve been busy pillaging ARRR i mean sellin’ stuff at this here Ohio Rennaisance festival. But my Captain’s ears be burning with the ruminations that my fellow captains be lookin to expand ye fleets. Well i be busier then the Kings men in harbor after payday and have not released a new pirate ship in . . . two ARRRR make that FOUR months. So here be the deal. Ye be sending a note to my first mate, the boney lass Elizabeth “the dread valkyrie” Carnes and i be sending you not one but two of these here sloops before the official launch and the King’s navy can get their hands on them. This be costin you the paltry sum of $50 plus ye cost to mail said vessels to your home port. Once my mate confirms ye have transferred the coin to my treasure chest, i be sendin the word to my crew to construct your new sloops.

Signed Capn Brian “DOOM” Carnes, from the seas of purgatory..

Pirate Nassau Sloop Pirate Nassau Sloop Pirate Nassau Sloop Pirate Nassau Sloop







Recap and translation for the mundanes out there . . . This is a prerelease deal. You message my wife, she’ll work with you to invoice you, and I’ll send two of this new design to you. No box art yet or instructions so you’ll get it in a bubble wrap bag and the masting instructions i send are the bermuda sloop (uses the same mast) When i release this ship these will be 30 each so you save 10 bucks on the ships. You are also paying the shipping, which should not be too bad because we are not sticking this in a retail box so we’ll fit it in the smallest flat rate box it will safely fit inside. Ships come unassembled and unpainted as all our kits do.

Happy talk like a pirate day!!

TechCommander at Gencon 2014

Here are some pictures of our TechCommander games at Gencon 2014. We had a lot of great players come out and play with us!

Gencon 2014 Pictures

Here are some pictures of our booth at Gencon 2014!

Origins 2014 Pictures – Part 1

Sneak Peek Sailpower:Age of Piracy

We wanted to give our fans a sneak peek of our potential upcoming KickStarter project focusing on the golden age of piracy. The project will feature additional ship miniatures from the golden age, as well as modular islands and terrain suitable to the period. Watch for future updates! This first peek is of a 10-gun brigantine typical of those favored by pirates of Nassau. This ship likely started life as a merchant, and also can be upgraded to add swivel guns including 2 on either side of the ship’s wheel, which would be used to guard the Captain from threats on the main deck.